Sandra from #AFOX dives deep into the core of this film, which signifies both the beginning of a new era and the conclusion of a chapter.


The Concept

The idea for the concept isn't in fact original. We were inspired by previous films such as "Our Robocop Remake" and "Star Wars Uncut" which were first of their kind. Ever since the surge of Ai experimental films and trailers, the question of whether or not this technology could produce a feature-length film has lingered. We took it upon the community of Ai artists to answer this question.

The Workflow

The process involved dividing the film into 50 segments. Every artist was responsible for crafting their specific segment, and ultimately, these segments were merged to create the final movie. Each artist followed our guidelines to ensure each piece was an original work of art. This was all orchestrated via a private Discord server and Zoom calls with the crew.

Our Guidelines

Artists were not allowed to rip any video from the original source material. All videos used had to be generated by AI or shot by the artist.

Any sound effects or music had to be original or generated by AI. The artists could not use any music or sound from the source material. They could use any tools necessary to complete the project.

Artists were not allowed to use any original dialogue from the source material. Voices had to be either generated by AI or created by the artist.

Watch the Behind The scenes Sizzle

Our dedicated team of talented actors, directors, producers, artists, and composers spent 3 months crafting this film. Watch the sizzle to see how the magic happens.


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