ATTEND THE premiere In Hollywood on March 6th

Be a part of movie history and grab your front-row seat to the premiere of "Our T2 Remake", one of the world's first AI feature-length films. Enjoy an exclusive Q&A with Executive Producers, Nem Perez & Sway Molina. But wait, there's a twist – a special surprise guest will be joining the party! The secret location will be unveiled just in time for the big day.

Space is a hot commodity, so snag your ticket fast to lock in your spot for this unforgettable cinematic experience!

Watch the Behind-The-Scenes making of "OUR t2 REMAKE".

We aimed to peel back the curtain on the making of this film to dispel the myth that AI filmmaking lacks artistry. Contrary to the common belief that it's all about pushing a button and waiting for a movie to appear, our creators dedicated three months to meticulously shaping this film with a suite of advanced technologies. Dive into the behind-the-scenes to witness the craft firsthand.


Catch the Live Stream with
The Artists & Cast 
Saturday March 9th,
12pm PST

We're partnering up with Ai Infinite TV and Zero 1 Cine to host an exclusive live stream where you'll get a chance to chat & watch the film with the entire cast & crew. This event will take place online once so sign up to our newsletter to get alerted.


Sandra from #AFOX dives deep into the core of this film, which signifies both the beginning of a new era and the conclusion of a chapter.


Explore the 50 A.I. Filmmakers that brought this vision to life

Experience the Revolution of Ai Cinema at our Hollywood Premiere.

"Our T2 Remake" is hosting an in person premiere in Hollywood. Book your spot now, space is limited.